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4 types of Apps in Mobile Environment (Supyan Hussin. 2017. Nano Workshop: KNovasi in Teaching and Learning, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. 15 Feb 2017)

1. Mobile Apps (general applications)
2. Mobile Learning (ML) apps (for learning purpose, minimal interaction)
3. Mobile-Assisted Learning (MAL) apps (have 2 important criteria: individualized instruction and bidirectional and have 2-4 pedagogical procedures for specific subjects)
4. Mobile-Assisted Language Learning (MALL) apps (have 2 important criteria: individualized instruction and bidirectional and has 4 pedagogical procedures for language subject only)

My Assessment

English Conversation is a Mobile-assisted language learning (MALL) app for listening, reading, and pronunciation/speaking. It meets 2 important criteria: individualized instruction (un/structured lessons, different levels of challenges , and bidirectional (feedback, progress report). It consists of 1. Demo, 2. Drills. 3. Assessment . Categorized as an “excellent” program for in-class, individual, pair, group activities; as well as Self-Directed Learning for outside classroom

English Grammar is a Mobile-assisted language learning (MALL) app for writing and grammar enrichment. It meets 2 important criteria: individualized instruction (un/structured lessons, different levels of challenges , and bidirectional (feedback, progress report). It consists of 1. Concepts 2. Demo, 3. Drills. 4. Assessment
Categorized as an “excellent” program for in-class, individual, pair, group activities; as well as Self-Directed Learning for outside classroom.


English Grammar – an excellent MALL (Mobile-Assisted Language Learning) app. It starts with assessment, provides feedback performance, then introduces the concepts, followed by demos and drills, and finally, test again. However the intro and demo of concepts are not comprehensive. This MALL app can be used for SDL, life-long learning and enrichment program, either in class or outside class, or both. It has reading comprehension materials, grammar materials, tenses, and vocabulary building materials as well as vocabulary for speaking

Teach Me Anatomy, an excellent MAL (Mobile-assisted Learning) app. It is good for medical, science, nursing, and pharmacy students. It offers 1. Concepts 2. Guides 3. Drill-practices 4. Assessment. It also provides feedback and progress report of users’ performance. It can be used as supplemental materials for SDL approach or F2F class meeting or both.


Psychology Book – A mobile learning app with unidirectional mode. Offers SDL (self-directed learning) exercises. No interaction. No feedback. No progress report. Good for reference. It is not a MAL (mobiles-assisted learning) app.

Culinary Cooking Essentials – A Mobile Learning app that offers concepts/ideas (dictionary) and demos/examples (recipes, videos). No drill exercises, no feedback, no progress report. Unidirectional approach in teaching. A good reference app for culinary subject for Technical and Vocational students


Quantum, a mobile-assisted learning offers learning materials including concepts, demos, drill-practice (tests) and progress report. This app is “good” for novice physics learners. Most ML or MAL apps are independent of web once you installed them into your smartphone.

Hydraulic Cylinder. This is a mobile app, like a calculator. It is only a tool that help users to solve mathematical problems for hydraulic -related matters. Engineering students can use this tool to master the concepts and formulas that they had learned in the class. It is good for reinforcement of learning. It is not a mobile learning app nor a mobile-assisted learning app. It doesn’t have 1. Concepts 2. Guides 3. Drills or 4. Tests.

This World History Quick e-Book mobile app is categorized as Mobile Learning app, and it is not a Mobile-assisted learning app. It presents information (concepts/ideas) in one way. Still, the content is very comprehensive; therefore, it is good for reference. This ML app is like an encyclopedia. No drill-exercise, no assessment. No feedback, No progress report.

Complete chemistry is a mobile-learning (ML) app, not Mobile-assisted learning app (MAL). It contains 1. Concepts and 2. Demo. It does not have any drill-exercise nor assessment. No interaction. No feedback. No progress report. Categorized as a “fair” package. One-way “learning”, not “two-way” or bidirectional.

Complete Physics is a Mobile-assisted learning (MAL) containing 1. Concepts, 2. Demo, 3. Drills, and 4.Tests. However, the package does not provide progress report. Categorized as “very good” mobile-assisted learning apps. Can be used for self-directed learning outside classroom to enhance understanding and skills.

English Idioms is a Mobile-assisted language learning (MALL) app for grammar, syntax, speaking. It meets 2 important criteria: individualized instruction (un/structured lessons, different levels of challenges , and bidirectional (feedback, progress report). It consists of 1. Test, 2. Drills. 3. Demo. Categorized as a “good” program. However. the instructional design of this package is not very good. Still the content of this MALL can be used in-class for individual, pair, group activities; as well as Self-Directed Learning for outside classroom

If we can differentiate Mobile apps, Mobile learning apps, and Mobile-assisted learning (MAL), then we know what is best for our students. Later, we ask students to download and install the best MAL packages into their HP. Once installed, there is no need for printed copies; eventually, we save more trees around us globally. Let’s go mobile, go digital.

17022138_1256991624356308_8226963686601135535_nElectrical symbol, a Mobile learning app.

17103736_1256990651023072_1644543696785897268_nElectrical study, a Mobile-Assisted Learning (MAL) app 17021568_1256990074356463_6221147009377218525_n Electrical calculations, a Mobile app, tool to computer

17098299_1256989704356500_671817797327488275_nLearn Electrical wiring, a Mobile app, tutorial only


Note: More assessments will be posted in my FB supyanukm hussin

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Know the difference among these terms?
1. Mobile Apps (general applications)
2. Mobile Learning (ML) apps (for learning purpose, minimal interaction)
3. Mobile-Assisted Learning (MAL) apps (have 2 important criteria: individualized instruction and bidirectional and have 2-4 pedagogical procedures for specific subjects)
4. Mobile-Assisted Language Learning (MALL) apps (have 2 important criteria: individualized instruction and bidirectional and has 4 pedagogical procedures for language subject only)
Nano Workshop at KNovasi in Teaching and Learning on 15 Feb 2017 UKM

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You can use this tool for your teaching/presentation,  and integrate other applications into this platform, record your teaching/presentation, save it in a video form, and share it in YouTube. Later you can link it in your blog or site.

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You can access various learning materials for free. You can also create learning materials, integrate other applications into this platform,  save them in a video form, and share with the global community using showme.com tools.

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See how people do. Learn from what people do. Share your expertise.  Go for continuous improvement in your teaching.

——————— 100 Best YouTube Videos for Teachers

With the increasing use of technology in classrooms, it’s no wonder that teachers have a growing interest in using YouTube and other online media sharing sites to bring information into their classrooms. Here are 100 YouTube videos that can provide supplementary information for the class, give inspiration, help you keep control of class and even provide a few laughs here and there.


These videos can give your students a better insight into historical events.

  1. Learn History: This YouTube channel provides loads of videos on historical events related to crime and punishment and the American west.
  2. Animated Bayeux TapestryStudents learning about European history can watch this video which takes the Bayeux Tapestry and brings it to life.
  3. The Day the Music DiedThis video can be a great introduction to pop culture in the 50′s and 60′s through the song American Pie.
  4. Surviving the HolocaustTeach students about the impact of the Holocaust by showing them how it impacted this individual.
  5. Oliver CromwellHere you’ll find photos and text that tell about the life of Oliver Cromwell.
  6. Elizabeth ILet students learn about the history of England by watching this video presentation on Elizabeth I.
  7. Computer HistoryTechnology is a big deal these days, and students can learn about where it all started by watching this video.
  8. Gettysburg ReenactmentBring the American Civil War to life by showing students this reenactment of a battle.
  9. The Assassination of JFKThis famous video is a huge part of American history, and you can let students watch it via YouTube.
  10. Fall of the Berlin WallClasses studying modern history can learn about the impact of the fall of the Berlin Wall through this news report.
  11. How to Make a MummyCreated by teachers, this animated video shows how the ancient Egyptians created their mummies.
  12. A Brief History of MankindThis video sums up the history of mankind in just a few minutes, making it a good intro to history classes.


Make science more fun and interactive by using these videos in class.

  1. Rubber Hand IllusionThis video explores the strange phenomenon of the rubber hand illusion which can help get students interested in biology and psychology.
  2. Theory of EverythingHere you’ll find an explanation of the Theory of Everything.
  3. The World of ChemistryThis video gives a humorous take on several chemistry principles.
  4. Physics of SuperheroesTake physics to another level by showing students how physics can help explain the abilities of superheroes.
  5. The Physics of BaseballGet students more interested in physics by relating them to sports with this video.
  6. MeiosisExplain the division of reproductive cells by using this video as an illustration.
  7. Virtual Frog DissectionIf the idea of dissecting a real frog makes you cringe, consider showing your classes this virtual dissection instead.
  8. How to Build a Simple Electric MotorScience students can watch this video and complete this simple experiment to make class more interesting.
  9. Chemistry ExperimentsThis series of videos covers a wide range of fun and interesting chemistry experiments.
  10. DNA Replication ProcessShow students this video to help illustrate just how DNA replicates.
  11. Classification RapWhat better way to remember the categories of classification than to create a rap? Students will enjoy this catchy song.
  12. Birth of the Solar System: Students may enjoy watching this video that shows how our solar system was formed.


Get advice on improving your language class or use these videos as classroom supplements.

  1. Improving Listening Skills for ESL TeachersThose teaching students to speak English can help boost their listening skills with some advice from this video.
  2. Language Learning and Web 2.0Watch this to learn how you can use technology to improve your language classes.
  3. Alphabet RoadYoung children will enjoy watching this series of videos that shows them letters in relation to animals and machines on a farm.
  4. Task Based LearningSee how task based learning can impact your language courses by watching this video.
  5. Teach Your Children SpanishSpanish teachers working with younger children can supplement their lessons with these helpful videos.
  6. Tips on Teaching a Foreign LanguageThis video gives some valuable tips that can help improve your skills as a language teacher.
  7. Teach Yourself Sign LanguageWhether you’re working with deaf kids or just want to learn a new skill, this video can help you to learn to sign.
  8. ESL Teaching TipsTeaching ESL comes with its own set of challenges. This video can give you some pointers on being a better teacher.
  9. Spanish for GringosStudents young and old can benefit from these videos which help with pronunciation and grammar in Spanish.
  10. How to Teach LatinLatin may come off as boring to many students, so help jazz it up with some tips from this video.
  11. Grammar RockWho doesn’t love those old Schoolhouse Rock videos? Play these for your kids when they’re learning about elements of grammar, including this one on verbs.


These videos provide great information on art and art education programs for you and your students.

  1. ARTSplash!This video can help you learn about the ARTSplash program, which can be a valuable addition to the arts education programs in your school.
  2. Teaching Flute to the Remedial Band Student or NoviceMusic teachers who are struggling with students working below the level they should be at can get some teaching pointers from this video.
  3. The Dark Genius of CaravaggioShow students the work of Italian artist Caravaggio in this video slide show.
  4. A Tribute to Vincent Van GoghStudents can enjoy the colorful and unique work of Van Gogh in this video.
  5. Salvador DaliExplore the eccentric genius of Salvador Dali by showing your students this video of his surrealist paintings and movies.
  6. Pablo PicassoOne of the best known artists, students can learn to recognize numerous works by Picasso from watching this video.
  7. RijksmuseumTake a virtual field trip through the Rijksmuseum and see great works by artists like Rembrandt, Vermeer and Van Gogh.
  8. Art Education for the BlindLearn to make art education valuable for even your blind students by watching this video.
  9. Art In Secondary EducationGet some tips on using art education in high schools through this video created in part by several museums and high schools.
  10. Art Education 2.0This video gives educators an introduction to Art Education 2.0, an online community on ning.com.
  11. Innovative Art EducationTake your creativity to the next level with suggestions from this video.
  12. Cairo MuseumTake a virtual tour of numerous works of art in the Cairo Museum with this video.


Everyone has a hard day sometimes, and you can remind yourself why you became a teacher by checking out these videos.

  1. Teachers Make a DifferenceThis video tells an inspirational story about how a teacher made a difference in a student’s life.
  2. Teachers Are Like MirrorsHere you’ll be encouraged to remember that teachers play a big role in building students’ self esteem.
  3. What Teachers MakeTyler Mali delivers his free form poem about what a difference teachers can make.
  4. The Miracle WorkersAnother Tyler Mali poem delivered in 2007, intended to inspire and build morale in teachers.
  5. 100 Ways to Show Children You CareWhile geared more towards parents, this video can give some good suggestions on showing your students how you care about them.
  6. Teaching is AmazingThis video shows a series of inspirational quotes on teaching and can be just what you need to pick yourself up on a bad day.
  7. Thank You, TeacherHere you’ll hear the story of how a simple thank you from a student made a difference in a teacher’s life.
  8. You Never Gave Up On MeListen to the story of this teacher who never gave up on a student who struggled to read.
  9. Make a DifferenceThis story, while fictional, can still be a great inspiration to teachers everywhere.
  10. Teachers Who Make a DifferenceThis series of videos documents teachers from all over who have made a difference in their students’ lives.

Classroom Management

Ensure your classroom stays a happy and organized learning environment with some help from these videos.

  1. Diffusing Entitle or Helicopter ParentsDealing with parents can be one of the biggest challenges of being a teacher. This video offers some advice on managing even the toughest parents.
  2. Assertiveness ScenariosDon’t let coworkers and students walk all over you. This video showcases several scenarios and how to act more assertive.
  3. Education Techniques for Children With AutismWorking with children who have disabilities can be challenging, but this video gives some useful pointers to make it a little easier.
  4. Maintaining DisciplineWatch this video for advice on keeping your classroom under control.
  5. Classroom Management Ideas for At-Risk StudentsThose dealing with students that are at a high risk can find out ways they can better work with them in this video.
  6. Tips and Tricks for Classroom ManagementGet some basic tips and tricks on keeping your classroom running smoothly in this video.
  7. Positive Learning PlacesHere you’ll get advice on several aspects of classroom management and how you can create an environment conducive to learning.
  8. Teacher TrainingThis video gives teachers some ideas on how to better engage their students and improve their learning environment.
  9. Creating Respectful ClassroomsThis video can help give your students the tools they need to be respectful, responsible citizens in your classroom.
  10. How to Maintain Classroom Discipline: Good and Bad MethodsLearn what works and what doesn’t when it comes to classroom discipline through the instruction of this video.
  11. Positive Discipline in the ClassroomHere you’ll learn how to use positive reinforcement to discipline students in your classes.

How-Tos and Guides

These helpful guides and instructional videos can give you assistance with a variety of classroom issues.

  1. Challenging Behavior in Young ChildrenLearn to modify the behavior of elementary age children with advice from this video.
  2. Preschool Learning IdeasGet some ideas on how to work with preschool age children through suggestions from this video.
  3. How to Teach a Child MathThis basic video gives some pointers on the best way to teach kids math.
  4. First Year Teachers: What Not to Do In the Computer LabWhile very tongue in cheek, this video does offer some helpful suggestions to engaging your students while they’re in the computer lab.
  5. Teacher Interview QuestionsFind out what kind of questions you can expect in interviews for teaching jobs in this helpful video.
  6. How to Become a Teacher By Being a SubstituteThis video can help those looking to work as full time teachers who are only substituting at the moment.
  7. How to Be an Amazing TeacherWant to be the best teacher you can be? Check out this video for ways you can go above and beyond.
  8. How to Start a Class SuccessfullyLearn how to set the stage for your whole day by starting your class.
  9. Exploring Diversity In Your ClassroomEngage children from all backgrounds in your classroom with some tips from this video.
  10. Teacher Tips OrganizationThis video can help you learn to get and stay organized.
  11. How to Get the Second Half of the School Year Off to a Great StartIt can sometimes be difficult to get back in the groove of learning and teaching after a lengthy winter break. This video gives advice on how to get back into the swing of things.


These videos can help you learn to use technology in the classroom and on your own time more effectively.

  1. Podcasting for TeachersLearn how to create your own podcast in this informative series. This video covers one of the first steps: getting your own blog.
  2. What is Moodle?Moodle can be a great classroom tool for students and teachers. This video can help you learn the basics of the program.
  3. Google Docs Tutorial for TeachersThis tutorial will show you the basics of using Google Docs so you can save and edit documents online.
  4. Microsoft Word Training for TeachersDon’t let your students run circles around you using technology. Learn to use Word with this helpful video.
  5. SMART Board OrientationWhile not all teachers are so lucky to have a SMART Board, those that do can get help on using it from this orientation.
  6. Pay AttentionDon’t think technology is important in your classroom? This video might change your mind.
  7. Using PowerPoint(Or Not)This video explains ways you can use PowerPoint in the classroom and reasons why you may not want to.
  8. A Vision of K-12 Students TodayHere you’ll learn why technology is so important to today’s children.
  9. Using Technology in EducationEmbrace the overall health of your students by watching this video which explains how to use technology to improve mental health.
  10. ChitChat Basic WalkthroughLearn to use the program ChitChat by watching this instructional video.
  11. Shift HappensLearn what you’ll need to do in order to prepare your classroom to meet the technological needs of your students.


If you need a good laugh, watch these over your lunch hour or after class.

  1. Teachers SuckWhile somewhat vulgar, this Tom Green rap can be entertaining to see how some students might view education.
  2. History of the WorldThis simple revision of world history is a fun and creative video to watch.
  3. Dramatic ChipmunkThis simple clip makes entertaining use of one very shocked looking chipmunk.
  4. Brad Neely’s George WashingtonGet a different take on the history of George Washington with this funny and quite catchy song.
  5. Spiders on DrugsHealth teachers will find this parody video entertaining.
  6. History of the USAEnjoy this funny take on the history of the United States. :
  7. St Sanders Guitar ParodyThese videos take some of the guitar greats and pair them with lame riffs, with hilarious results.
  8. Welcome to My HomeOld videos have been paired with new commentary in this funny series.
  9. Sneak ThiefWatch as this hungry gull robs a store owner blind.
  10. Super Mole BrothersChemistry teachers can appreciate this video project which was made in honor of National Mole Day.
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